Craig Martin is the manager of the FWCG Opportunity Fund, LP as well as the FWCG Diversified Alternative Income Fund, LP.  He has 30 years of experience co-investing with clients in alternatives.
Craig defines alternatives as anything but stocks or bonds.  He has chosen to focus his due diligence efforts in alternatives because alts are in an inefficient market.  He is able to find and perform serious due diligence on managers who have decades of experience in earning 20%+ / year for investors.      

Craig has built diversified portfolios for clients in alternatives, including real estate, private equity, angel investments and alternative income.  

Craig has many decades of experience performing due diligence and being a co-investor with his clients on many kinds of alternatives.    

Craig has performed rigorous due diligence on all of the alternative investments in both funds.  As a member of Keiretsu Forum the largest angel group in the world, he looks at dozens of deals a quarter with 27 investments in the Fund.   
As a fiduciary advisor to his clients, Craig has designed a unique investment discipline overcoming illiquidity in equity alternatives by making multiple investments in a diversified list of real estate partnerships.  Investors committed to annual investments in this list can expect higher returns than risk-adjusted benchmarks as well as more than 10% liquidity each year after the 5th year of following Craig’s annual investment plan.

He has earned the Master of Science in Financial Services degree, which is a master degree in coordinating estate and income tax planning with investments and cash flow, plus the CFP designation.